Your complete sourcing stack

ZenSourcer ties all your tools together, automates your followups without sacrificing personalization, and gives you analytics on what’s working.

Save time

Stop copying and pasting data across 5 different tools! ZenSourcer integrates with Chrome, Gmail, LinkedIn, and Greenhouse.

Works where you work

Use the Chrome extension to build lists, capture candidate information, find email, reach out, and upload to Greenhouse all alongside LinkedIn.

Automate followups

More than double your response rate by sending both InMail and automated email followups.

Know what works

Track views, clicks, and positive replies for email and InMail to test subject lines, templates, and even time of day.

Features built for your workflow

  • 50 monthly email lookups
  • Unlimited email sending
  • Sequence analytics
  • Rapportive Integration
  • Buy emails as you go

You're in good company

Start saving time right now