Your complete sourcing stack

ZenSourcer ties all your tools together, automates your followups without sacrificing personalization, and gives you analytics on what’s working.

For Chrome, Gmail, LinkedIn, and Greenhouse

Save time

Stop copying and pasting data across 5 different tools! ZenSourcer integrates with Chrome, Gmail, LinkedIn, and Greenhouse.

ZenSourcer works where you work

Use the Chrome extension to build lists, capture candidate information, find email, and upload to Greenhouse all alongside LinkedIn.

Automated followups

Sending 3 followups for your reachouts doubles your response rate.

Know what works

Track clicks, replies, and views for email to test subject lines, templates, and even time of day.

About ZenSourcer

ZenSourcer was built on the idea that there must be a smarter way to reach great talent. Sourcers find themselves caught in a complex web of tools that don’t talk to each other, which makes for frustrating extra work. ZenSourcer combines these tools into one solution that works alongside Chrome, Gmail, LinkedIn, and Greenhouse.

This means less copying data back and forth, fewer mistakes, and better visibility into what’s working and what not. Sourcers can get back to what they do best — connecting great talent with great opportunities.

Steven Bartel, Cofounder

Before starting ZenSourcer, Steven led several engineering teams at Dropbox. While there, he spent most of his time recruiting for his teams and helping Dropbox hire world-class talent.

Nick Bushak, Cofounder

Before starting ZenSourcer, Nick spent 6 years at Facebook, where he led various engineering teams for Facebook Pages, Ads, and Messenger.

"Before ZenSourcer, I used to send InMails because tracking and managing followups over email was a pain. Now after using email and ZenSourcer for my followups the past month, my response rate has increased by 50%!"

Josephine Nguyen, Sift Science

“I love ZenSourcer because it combines multiple tools into one! In the Chrome extension I can find emails, save candidate information, and customize reach outs without copy/pasting between multiple tabs. The website makes follow ups seamless, while tracking metrics to help me craft the most effective emails.”

Liz Vortman, Binc Search

"Finally, a tool built with recruiting in mind! ZenSourcer saves me a tremendous amount of time on candidate outreach without needing to compromise personalized outreach. Everything is simplified and it will even find personal emails for you!”

Matt Stephenson, Shift

Private Beta Pricing

1 Month Trial

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  • 50 email lookups
  • Unlimited email sending
  • Basic analytics
  • Email tech support

Everything in free trial, plus:

  • 500 monthly email lookups
  • Basic ATS integrations
  • Advanced analytics
  • Phone tech support
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Everything in pro, plus:

  • Unlimited email lookups
  • Advanced ATS integrations
  • Team analytics
  • Shared sequences & projects